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For riders

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Parking lot of racing machines

For riders

By 2019, the Slovácký circuit's parking area for racing machines (depot) was located on the grounds of the Agricultural School with all the necessary facilities (water, electricity, building for formal acceptance, etc. However, in 2022 the school grounds underwent a major change with the purchase of unused buildings by the Staré Město for further development of the town and the construction of houses. Since 2022, the depot will be a temporary closure of Východní street with an associated road below. Riders and team members must stay only on the left side of the road, where they will also install their bases. It is not possible for teams to use mechanical anchors or spikes to anchor their tents to the asphalt or other types of paved roads. The rightside of the road must remain clear for the passage of other race participants onto the track and also for the integrated rescue system.

Arrival of drivers to the parking lot of racing machines

Arrival of the drivers and their teams to the parking area of the racing machines will be possible from Friday right before the start of the race weekend at 12:00. The layout of parking spaces for individual drivers will be determined by the depot director, considering the number of teams and with regard to the cubature, so that the bikes are placed as close to each other as possible. Please follow the instructions of the depot director and respect his requests. Only riders registered for the race will be allowed into the depot. The depot area has its limitations, participants must take into consideration that if the depot director asks a team to move their cars or other equipment not strictly necessary for the team's functioning to nearby parking lots, teams must do so!!! Any other vehicles accompanying the competitors cannot be parked in the depot! The expected end of the competition is always on Sunday by 18:00. Východní street must be clear for traffic from 20:00 on Sunday. No parking or driving is allowed in the areas marked off with tape. Depot areas are located on Staré Město owned roads. Other areas are owned by private persons or businesses and are prohibited from being used or trespassed upon. Do not damage greenery or lawns.


The organiser asks riders and escorts not to waste water unnecessarily and to allow others to wash themselves.

Information means

All important information will be posted on the information board located at the main gate. Results of individual training sessions and races can be picked up at the reception area. Look out for the latest announcements disseminated via local radio.


Place your rubbish in the bins and containers provided. Keep order in the parking lot of the racing machines.

Cards and control tapes

Wear your cards or control tapes for riders, mechanics, escorts, etc. visibly to avoid unnecessary checks and to be allowed into your authorized areas.

Night Calm

Observe the nightly quiet. The depot is located near houses, so leave any engine tuning for the morning and afternoon hours.


Entry fee

  • Entry fee Single start
  • CZK 3800
  • 160 EUR
  • Entry fee Double start
  • CZK 6000
  • 250 EUR
  • Entry fee Triple start
  • CZK 8000
  • 330 EUR

Entry fee for advance payment to the account until 26.4.2024 until 24:00.


When making a non-cash payment, always include the names in the “Message to Recipient”. According to the rules of the AČR only two categories of competitions are possible: in MMČR and PČR + possibly other classes are possible in free categories: JPHZM.


For transactions in CZK use the following account: 1401103005/2700, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia.

BIC: BACXCZPP / SWIFT: CZ27 2700 0000 0014 0110 3005

For transactions in EUR use the following account: 1401103013/2700, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia

BIC: BACXCZPP / SWIFT: CZ05 2700 0000 0014 0110 3013


The last payment can be credited until 26.4.2024 24:00. Thereafter, payment can only be made in cash on formal acceptance. Funds will be refunded only after a written apology is sent to the e-mail (Slovácký okruh – SO): no later than 30.4.2024. After that, the funds are forfeited to the organisers. The rider can transfer the entry fee to a friend/acquaintance, but only after written submission and approval by the organizer and no later than 30.4.2024.


Entry fee
on site

  • CZK 4500
  • 190 EUR
  • CZK 6500
  • 270 EUR
  • CZK 8500
  • 350 EUR

Entry fee on site in cash only!


Délka okruhu je 4200 m, šíře trati 6–9 m, převýšení 35 m, jedná se o silniční okruh  s jednotným asfaltovým povrchem se 7 levými a 8 pravými zatáčkami. Závody se pojedou po směru hodinových ručiček.


Motoklub Staré Město z.s. Velehradská 2230, 686 03 Staré Město
Bc. Petr Chmelař, MBA – předseda klubu +420 732 471 534
Petr Neubauer– tajemník +420 605 540 757 Přihlášky: Datová schránka: 7s97eiw
IČO: 09888918
DIČ: CZ09888918
Číslo účtu: 1401103005/2700 IBAN: CZ27 2700 0014 0110 3005 BIC (SWIFT) kód: BACXCZPP